New tuition rates for 2015-16

The following information is from the Crowder College Board Meeting and General Work Session that was held Monday, April 20, 2015.

Mr. Wood noted this is the second reading for the recommendation. Dr. Methvin said there were no changes from last month, and she thanked Amy Rand and Dr. Coltharp for presenting the information in her absence. Mr. Wood said although the Board never wants to raise tuition and fees, it is necessary, and Crowder is still very affordable. Dr. Methvin agreed saying we are still in the four most affordable community colleges in Missouri with these new rates even if none of the others raise their rates. She said we are also comparable to colleges in neighboring states. Dr. Methvin said declining enrollment is a national trend, and we were down this spring for the first time in many years which will need to be budgeted for next year. She said costs for utilities and maintenance are rising every year, and there is also debt service. Dr. Methvin said we did not receive 2% new state funding this past year as expected, and we over-anticipated our tuition revenue. She said this year’s state funding appears to be more optimistic, but it is still unsure. Mr. Wood said these increased rates increases revenue by about $1M, but this does not provide any additional funding. Dr. Methvin agreed saying this simply allows us to do what we currently do for students and to do it well. She recommended approval of this tuition proposal recognizing that future increases may be a necessity simply to keep pace with inflation. Mr. Wood asked about the effects of federal grant funding. Dr. Methvin said we have been the beneficiary of a great many federal grants over the years which have been instrumental in helping us to build program capacity, but that funding is currently declining. She said as a result, we must add those program expenses into the regular budget. Dr. Chapman asked what future tuition changes are expected. Dr. Methvin said we started last year bringing our tuition rates back to the industry standard in which out-of-district tuition would be 1½ times the in-district rate, and international tuition would be 2 times the in-district rate. She said this year’s rates accomplish that margin correction, but future incremental increases will still be necessary to keep up with inflation; however, we are still very affordable. Mr. Wood noted that the graph comparing Crowder’s rates to other schools in the area will be available to anyone interested. Without further discussion, a MOTION was made by Dr. Chapman to approve the proposed 15-16 tuition and fee rates as shown below; the motion was seconded by Mr. Vancuren and unanimously carried.


Resident Status 14-15 Rates Proposed Increase Proposed 15-16 Rate
In-District $ 79 $ 3 $ 82
Out-of-District 113 9 122
International 148 16 164
Facility Use Fee 14 2 16
Online Course Fee 14 6 20
Flex Course Fee 7 3 10