Nontraditional students need Crowder programs


By: Jennifer Ishcomer


Nontraditional students come in many forms. In my own case I came back to school fourteen years after I graduated high school. There are programs offered here that I wish I had known about my first semester. They help the student to get their feet underneath them as it were. Student support services/ Project now, Disability Services, Camp program, Career and transfer services and Crowder cares.

Project now is a federally funded program which seeks to improve the retention, graduation and successful transfer of their participants. Lisa Adams academic advisor for project now said College success is not just about the classroom.  Traditional aged students return to college with a lot of responsibilities.  Project NOW assists students in finding ways to complete their college education while juggling work and family obligations.

Disability Services provides students with help to complete school if you have a physical or mental limitation. They will help with taking notes or extra time on tests. They will help you with all the problems you may face as a student.

The camp program helps students of an agricultural or migrant background to complete their freshman year of college. When you come from a poor background it can be hard to pull yourself up to become more than your background. This program can help you to rise above your history and excel in your academic career.

Career and transfer services helps with your future planning and take it from me sometimes the future is a scary thing. They can also help you navigate the sea of paper work that is college.

Crowder cares is the counseling program offered here at school. They are here to help you if the world gets too much. I myself use these services it helps to talk to someone when I have not been able to balance all my life’s responsibilities.

During my first semester I did not realize that these programs were here and I almost failed out of school. I had trouble balancing my personal life and prior responsibilities. It was very hard to come back to school. I took a giant leap of faith to chase my dreams. I am a person who has put others needs before my own for many years. If you don’t fit a mold, if you are nontraditional try these programs. Life is hard enough let them help you. You will not regret it.