Notes from the Newsroom: Stop and smell the roses

Jesse O. Walls

As summer draws to a close, the late evening firefly light shows fade away, passing with the promise of a new season. One moment gives way to the next and soon autumn will be in full bloom.

I was talking with a friend of mine about how precious time can be and how when we have those special moments, we should hold onto them, recognize them, but never take them for granted.

Too many times in life we act as if we are strangers passing through, from one phase of life to the next we wander, wishing we still had our past or looking into the future, remaining blind to the present moments we have.

This reminded me of the old saying “take the time to stop and smell the roses.” So often in life we become engrossed in our own personal battles or dreams that we forget there is a world around us and a moment that is taking place in the now. We allow our future hopes or past demons to keep us from seeing what we have at the present and many times that costs us memories or moments we could have had or shared.

Often in life we forget that we are only given a mortal span of time and that time is limited. No one lives forever and who would want to. As long as we make the moments count, cherish what we have and count those blessings that we are given each day, we could live a full and meaningful lifetime.

Time is elusive and like the fireflies on a summer’s eve, moments are fleeting and soon fade away with the passing of a season. Sometimes we are given a moment, sometimes a lifetime, but no matter the length we should never take for granted what time we are given.

Moments don’t last forever. You never know what tomorrow may bring. You could be in a car accident tomorrow or have a doctor tell you that your time is limited. Should we not make those moments count while they are there; should we not leave behind a legacy? As in the words of Randy Travis, “It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you; it’s what you leave behind you when you go.”

Think about it. If we could stop and see the beauty that surrounds us, the moments we are given and just hold on to them before they pass us by, could we not make the moments count. If we would only stop taking for granted the time we are given, no matter how short the moment may be, we could make a memory that could last a lifetime, for ourselves and those we hold dear. Take the time, cherish the moment. Trust me, it’s worth it.