Online student wants to bring justice to criminals

Online student wants to bring criminals to justice

Q & A: James Malcom

By Nathan Gamble



James Malcolm, online students, wants a National Geographic TV show.

Where are you from originally?


Where did you go to high school?


Which Crowder campus did you attend?


Full time or part time?

Full, but is currently taking online courses.

Do you like on campus or off campus courses better?

I preferred on campus more.

How long have you attended Crowder?

I attended Crowder for 1 year.

Where do you live now?

Jupiter, Florida.

How’s Florida?

Very hot and humid.

Did you work at Crowder?

Yes, worked in the library.

Did you enjoy working in the library?

Yes, I really enjoyed working at the library. It allowed me to have a really flexible schedule.

What was your job while working in the library?

I worked as the librarian’s assistant.

Would you recommend working at Crowder?

Yes, I would highly recommend becoming a work study at Crowder. The atmosphere and people I worked with was amazing.

What is your major?

I’m majoring in Criminal Justice.

What field do you want to work in?

Conservation or search and rescue.

Why did you choose Criminal Justice as your major?

To bring criminals to justice.

Do you plan on transferring after Crowder?

Yes, I plan on transferring.



Where are you planning on working after Crowder?

In Alaska as a Park Ranger or whatever gets me a National Geographic TV show.

Did you do any on campus activities?

2015 Homecoming King, Friends of the Library.

Off campus hobbies?

Canoeing and camping.

Favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones.