Performance Arts Student prepares for future career as actor

Kyle Alexander Sternes stumbled upon his passion for acting by accident. It all started in high school, when one of Kyle’s speech and debate friends dared him to try out for a play. The play was You Can’t Take it With you and the role was Borris Kolenkhov who was the main antagonist of the play. When asked what thoughts were running through his mind when Kyle first went into practice Kyle responded, “Oh boy, I’ve got a lot cut out for me. He (Borris) had 87 lines. But, it was also where I first met my longtime friend Dalton”.
Kyle Sternes
At first Kyle had doubts as he had had plans on being an architect. But it was during his 3rd play, The Wizard of Oz, that it really stuck. Kyle realized that he had a passion for acting. But what attracted Kyle to acting in the first place? What made him stick around? Kyle had an answer. “I stuck with acting because it basically lets me live out someone else’s life. I’ve had my doubts every now and then, but since my role in Oz most of those doubts have dwindled”.

Kyle has had his eye on a couple other majors during his stay at Crowder College. Specifically Criminal Justice. When questioned why Kyle responded, “I’ve considered going into criminal justice a couple time and even taking it on as a double major. There’s just something so alluring about the mystery, figuring things out, and solving puzzles”.

Kyle hasn’t been alone in his path to becoming an actor as he’s had his close friend Dalton Compton, another Theater major, with him on his journey. Kyle and Dalton have known each other for about three years and first met back when Kyle was deciding whether or not acting was for him.
“It’s always a blast working together. As actors it’s better to feed off one another to create more natural experience. And as friends it helps even more. Kyle, like myself are a dying breed of gentlemen who gravitate towards chivalry and respect. But, if I had to describe Kyle in one sentence , he’s a good and honest friend whom I can trust. He always has my back, and I his” quoted Dalton.
Kyle has found himself working many different jobs after joining Crowder College’s on campus Performance Arts department. One of those jobs is being the assistant stage director for the upcoming play Charlotte’s Web. Kyle describes this experience as “Interesting to say the least”.
When asked what that job entailed he responded with “I mainly work backstage during the actual production. I mainly read the lines off for the actors for when they need a little help. I also work the lights.”