Sofi’s Survival Standard: broke Spring Break blues

Sofia Sanchez Salcedo


When you were in high school, college seemed like this non-stop party. In movies and popular culture, Spring Break is a time when attractive and educated people with unlimited money travel to a sunny destination for a chance to catch some rays, a hangover, and maybe even an STI.

But let’s be real: you’re broke, and you’re underage. Furthermore, now that you’re in college, you (should) know better than to get drunk at a place and with people you don’t know. If you’re still wondering why, ask your parents why.

So while rich kids are pickling their livers, why don’t you take the week as an opportunity to come back to school refreshed and ready to rock the rest of your semester?are you doing all you can

Here are ten things you can do:

  1. Start working on assignments early. You were given a syllabus and a schedule for a reason: use the week you have to plan those twenty-page essays, instead of waiting until last-minute.
  2. Play catch-up. So you forgot to turn in a project that was worth .00001% of your grade. Big deal, right? BIG DEAL! This project will be the reason you’ll be asking for extra credit a the end of the semester. Instructors are much more willing to grant extra credit if you’ve actually turned in all of your previous assignments.\
  3. Do those things you’ve been putting off: resume, deleting randos from Facebook, etc. Self-explanatory. Do some spring cleaning of your own.
  4. Do spring cleaning: Facebook, clothes, knickknacks, selfies, etc. Do these too.
  5. You have hours you don’t usually, so you can help make the world a better place. You may even get your service seed done.
  6. Do it: catch up on Netflix. I know, I’m not supposed to urge you to do things like these, but you should do you, boo. Have some fun. Watch that show that has taken your mind off your Bstudy outsideiology homework, while you have no Bio homework.
  7. Clean out your backpack. It’s embarrassing to have the packets to all the junk food you’ve been eating, plus an earring, and an array of scrunched-up papers jump out of your backpack when you try to get your books from your book bag. Open it, flip it over in your dry bathtub, and put it in the washer. While it’s cleaning, throw the trash away and get your books in order.
  8. Work Overtime! Since everyone else is gone, make that mullah.
  9. Enjoy springtime spring break. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Lay on a blanket in the park and read a book for fun. Plant something.
  10. Be a tourist in your hometown. You know that one coffee shop you want to visit but never did, now is your time. That is, if you can get away from Netflix long enough.