Sofi’s Survival Standard: How to get a job on campus

By Sofia Sanchez Salcedo

News Editor

Working on Campus

Getting to college shouldn’t be the only goal students have; it should be to stay in college. Students may or may not qualify for financial aid; however, they may need some income to afford food, books, or more money to support their crippling Netflix addictions.

Working on campus, is then a good option for students who want more mullah and aren’t willing to transport themselves outside of campus to get it.

Starting out

The first step, says Melissa Williams, the Financial Aid assistant is to catch insult with the Financial Aid department to see if you actually qualify for a work study position at school. Then, Casey Owens, Career Services & Retention Coordinator in the Student Center, will determine if there are any positions open in the departments at Crowder.

After the FAFSA has been filled, and processed, students may qualify for either “work study” or “regular study.” Students who don’t qualify for work study, like international students or those whose parents have too much income to qualify, can still work for Crowder as a regular worker. Those positions are typically harder to find. Departments don’t always post their openings online, but will go “old school” and hang signs on the door. Becoming familiar with campus, then, is the better option.