Sofi’s Survival Standard: What do you mean I have to spend time with my family?


grumpyNow, don’t get me wrong, I adore my family. When I am not with them, I miss them terribly. However, after living for a semester in the college bubble where we think we’re adults getting an education, going back home and having Aunt Helga squeeze our cheeks and tell us about when she used to change our diapers is demoralizing. Here are some ways to cope:

  1. Don’t eat too much.don't eat too much Not going to lie, this one is hard for everyone, but it is important. Remember last time you pigged out on that turkey and all the accoutrements? I do, you planned on getting out of the house right after for some hometown exploration, but you fell asleep in the couch and now you’re listening to your grandparents talk about their health problems. Gross, grandma. So if you eat lightly, you can always have more leftovers later, and you might be awake enough to escape all the medical conversations, and even see some neighborhood friends.
  2. Don’t look at your phone all the time.hipster phone This one has a dual purpose: first, pay attention to your family. If your dad is sharing a moment, don’t snap it to your friends, but listen and ask questions. You never know what you’ll learn from others around you, and if you’re updating your Twitter, you’re going to miss out. Secondly, if you’re not on your phone the time, when you do pull it out, people will assume it’s important and leave you alone. Be smart about this, because it can free you from a game all families like to play: “What the most embarrassing about your childhood I remember.”
  3. Teach your family something new. This will allow you to look like An Adult Who Knows Things©, and it will also allow your family to be quiet for a good gosh dang minute so you can speak. No offense, Uncle Bob, but that’s not how Youtube works, and here let me teach you.
  4. Don’t engage. engageYes, family is wonderful, but that weird mouth-breathing cousin? Decidedly not wonderful. Feel free to not talk to him if he freaks you out, but know that you could have taught him some coolness. There is nothing wrong with keeping to yourself, but make sure you’re doing so because you want some alone time, and not because you’re hateful. After all, you mostly see everyone around the table once a year, so enjoy the weirdness this week so you don’t have to all other 51 in the year. If Uncle Bob is going on a rant about something loudly, he wants an audience. Just walk away and keep your sanity.
  5. Enjoy your family.
    Multi Generation Hispanic Family Standing In Park

    Multi Generation Hispanic Family Standing In Park

    Spending time away from school, eating something other than ramen, and getting laundry done for us was all you were thinking about during the semester. You might as well enjoy it while you can. Hug everyone tight, because you never know how much longer you’ll have them.