Student takes hiatus for missionary work

You may have seen Crowder’s fun and educational short film videos called Turn of the Sentry, or TOTS for short. There you may have seen a bright, young woman named Sarah Aulick. Sarah has been attending Crowder for nearly two years and she has decided to take her life in a direction few of us know about. LDS Missionaries

Aulick is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most people would better know her as a Mormon. In the Mormon religion, men of 18 years and women of 19 years are able to serve missions. Full-time missions for men is two years, and women serve a full-time mission in a year and a half.

Aulick has lived in Missouri for the majority of her life. She has been part of an amazing community in Granby and graduated at East Newton high school. She is attending Crowder to become a graphic designer. Her works reflects her positive and uplifting personality that many people know and love.

Preparing to serve a mission has been a challenge for Sarah. She says, “My preparation consists of always making sure that I am worthy to hold my temple recommend and becoming more familiar with the scriptures. As long as I know that I am worthy to enter the celestial room of the temple, I know I am worthy to serve a mission, because attending the temple as often as you can while preparing will give you the right perspective and help your mind focus on what is important.”

She decided to serve learning at a young age her grandparents were taught the gospel by sister missionaries. Ever since then, she has wanted to have that same effect on others’ lives.

“My parents met through the Church, and I only have the life I have through my parents. I love my life, and I love who I have grown to be, so I wanted to do that for others. I wanted to change lives for the best. I wanted to help people find real happiness. I’ve known that I needed to go on a mission for years, ever since I learned my history,” stated Aulick.