We the students: Constitution Day

by Sofia Sanchez Salcedo

What drones, guns, and wedding cakes have in common

On September 17th, the Neosho campus hosted a Constitution Day lecture titled “Drones, Guns, and Wedding Cakes: Hot Topics in Constitutional Law.” The main address was given by a local lawyer, Mark Smith. The event was a celebration of the 226th anniversary of the day when the United States Constitution was signed.

The event
Smith, is also an instructor for Crowder, teaching History and Political Science in McDonald County. Smith had to rush his speech due to a funeral he had to attend. The event, however, kept the audience involved, as questions were encouraged.

“There was a lot of things I didn’t know, so it was very nice to find that out,” said Brianna Schrag, a Vet Tech sophomore.

The even took place in the Elsie Plaster Center, and a variety of students were present. Some students were also offered extra credit for attending the lecture by their Social Science instructors.

Engaging the crowd
The Friends of the Library club provided free copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights for attendees. The funds to buy the pocket-sized copies of the cornerstone document came from the annual book sale that the Friends of the Library host.

“The people here were engaged and we had a large number of faculty and staff. Everybody got a free copy of the Constitution, and everybody left with more knowledge than they came in with,” said Keith Zoromski, the Social Science Division Chair.

The event is expected to be repeated next year.

The Constitution Day was featured in the second edition of the CS News Bulletin